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The Secretary of Defense of the Consumer receives numerous inquiries related to irregularities, losses and / or breakages in the delivery of packages and parcels. The agency, which runs the parcel companies suggested to consumers to take into account the following premises before hiring a company:

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Choosing a trustworthy company is paramount. It is important that the firm has solvency and transparency in the field and that it guarantees the transfer requested as the corresponding coverage in case of loss or breakage. To send parcel to japan these are the options that you will have to be careful about.

  • When sending merchandise, the package work time clock must be properly closed and packed. The corresponding guiding invoice must be requested, because that indicates the quantity and weight of the packages that are sent.
  • At the moment of paying for the service, you should consult the insurance coverage since if the shipment is valuable merchandise it is advisable to contract the proportional insurance and declare the value of the transported.

Request information regarding the service you hire: day, date of destination and delivery method agreed:

  • If you receive a parcel with dubious packaging (broken, open or semi-open), leave a detailed record in the delivery note, as well as the claim in the book of complaints and / or note. If the withdrawal is at the destination of the company leave a record of the weight with which it receives and if the received does not correspond to what was sent, immediately make the corresponding claim in writing.
  • If the transport company requests that you proceed to the opening and recognition of the packages in the act of reception, do so because if the consumer refuses or omits the required diligence the provider will be exempt, by this single fact, from any liability that does not come from fraud or infidelity.
  • Expects warned that for theft, loss or loss of merchandise received, the user must make the claim in writing and duplicate, keeping a copy that must be issued by the company. He indicated that a copy of the corresponding guiding invoice must also be requested for the correct individualization of the claim. Regarding this you can get the best help from

You can also use the channels enabled by the company for claims, such as telephone or internet, and you must demand the corresponding claim number. In the event of noncompliance by the parcel transport companies, consumers can make the corresponding complaint at the offices of Consumer Protection. The options are now there and that is the reason that you can have the best options available. The deals are the bests there. The opportunities are there also and so the options are specific.