Why do traders often get confused with retracements and reversals?

Retracements and reversals

Most people fall into the trap called retracements thinking they are reversals when they are not. Retracements are merely short-term or temporary movements that the price makes opposing the formed trend.

To put it is more straightforward, this is an occurrence where the price moves against the formed trend but goes back later on.

On the other hand, a reversal is when a price moves totally against the overall price trend. So when a price moves against the formed downtrend to the point that it becomes an uptrend: that is a reversal. The same is true with established uptrends. If the price moves against the uptrend to the point that It becomes a downtrend: that is a reversal.

Let us cite an example.

For instance, the price started to decline. Later on, it is still falling. However, it had a sudden increase for some time. What do we know? It began to decline again. What we have here is not a price action rally but a smooth retracement. It might not be a pleasant experience, but unfortunately, it can happen to any trader. It would have been a reversal if the price did not start to rise again, but it did — making it a smooth retracement.

Some traders often get mistaken with retracements as reversals, leaving them having lousy trading decisions. Some fail to see the picture and ride the established trend long enough since they got confused with the two.

How do we handle such situations?

We have curated some advice for you if you found yourself in a situation where you doubt if you are looking at a reversal or only a retracement. You have three choices:

  • Choice 1: Hold on to your position if you are in one. Since you are not sure if it is just a retracement or a reversal, if it turns out that it is a long-term reversal, then you might have to say goodbye to your expected profits and say hello to losses.
  • Choice 2: Close your position for the meantime and enter again as soon as the price moves in the same direction as the formed trend. This option has a few downsides. One is that you can miss out on great trading opportunities if the price moved sharply in a single direction. Another is more spread expenses when you enter the trade again.
  • Choice 3: Close the position for good. This option has two sides of the coin. Depending on the situation, you can go home with your hefty profits if your close is on the top or bottom. You can also end up having losses if the price moved against your favor. It all depends on your trade and what happens next.

Some reminders before closing the topic

It might be hard to know what is best if you find yourself in such situations. Reversals and retracements are unpredictable. They can always happen anytime and to anyone. However, there are trailing stop-loss to back you up when you are trading in trending markets.

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Team Building Singapore Will Help You Play Adventurous Games For Great Coordination

Having a better team spirit is essential to deliver the best performance in any field. When a team is together and cooperative, it is a fact that they will get more productive in their work than before. Having this quality is required in any criteria, be it with your company or college group. It is always the best solution to get the bonds strengthened. For this, there are many techniques that the group leader can follow.

Techniques for team building

Exciting sports– People can get adventurous with their teams that will help them build the quality of coordination. There are numerous activities like laser tag that is a fun sport to indulge in. It will bring immense joy at the end of the day because it gives them a sense of belonging to the group as everyone plays to wIn addition, thereIn addition, there are games like a pool ball, which is always a good idea team play.

Creative- What is better than to relieve some stress in a day and explore your creative side with your group members. It gives the calm that is much more needed. People can communicate while they indulge in this activity and have a great conversation. This brings out the prosocial activity of helping each other if they lack artsy aesthetics.

Adventurous– An escape room is always the most fun activity to take part in, the team works with perfect unison as they have a fixed goal in this kind of activity. It is the most astonishing way to ensure that the work is divided and group members work accordingly.

If you are wondering where to find all these fun activities, Team Building Singapore is the best site to book your session. They give all these facilities under one roof which is the most amazing service that is available. Along with the physical activity, there is an option to opt for virtual sessions. So you can have a great time with your friends who are staying across the globe.

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How to Build a Profitable Online Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping has become a highly popular business model for people especially new entrepreneurs and millennials. As the business doesn’t require you to stock the items for sale, you can start it with limited funds.

In this article, we will guide you on how to begin a successful dropshipping business online.

Choose the right niche

The niche you select should be the one that interests you. The products in that category should have adequate demand in the market. It should help you generate profits. Also, the cost of shipping products in that niche has to be low.

Goten dropshipping website is a reputed website that offers over 20,000 lucrative and quality profitable SKUs from trusted factories. The platform supports synchronization, and tracking of orders, and stocks with your online stores.

Carry out competition research

The next thing that you can do is to compete with other drop shipping operations and retail giants. Look for a product that has competition and demand in the market.

A product that has no competition can be due to high shipping costs, manufacturing/supplier issues, or low-profit margins. So, choose a product that has competition, high demand, and s sustainable business model.

Find the Right Supplier

The commonest concern among people is how to find dropshipping suppliers in USA. Perform due diligence. Choose the supplier that has vast online resources and production capabilities to help you in the exponential growth of the business.

Develop your eCommerce website

The next important thing that any drop shipper needs to do is to launch a simple eCommerce platform that supports a drop shipping business model.  You can even hire a website designer and a website development firm to create a custom solution. It will help in smooth business execution and increased sales.


The successful operation of a dropshipping business requires proper planning and execution. By following the below-mentioned steps, you can make good profits in your business.

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The Best Virtual Escape Room Singapore For Boosting Productivity

Business firms work day and night to serve their customers effectively. It comprises a huge number of staff with many teams in each department. It is essential to collaborate with every team member for the business to grow efficiently. And also, communication plays a vital role in every industrial sector, and hence companies organise team events for strengthening the bond. Keeping these aside, some companies arrange virtual games like the virtual escape room Singapore games for better engagement. Understand what is an escape room and its potential benefits for playing the best game virtually.

Boost productivity of the team

Every team in a company need to work efficiently to produce better results. With that, everyone has to know each other. When using the virtual escape room Singapore platform, the process of knowing each other becomes simple. It also leads to boosting productivity that can result in the company’s growth. Make sure you use an effective platform for improving productivity.

Improve your ability to solve problems

As the escape room games contain many puzzles and themes to explore the clues, it drastically improves problem-solving ability. A company requires a member who can solve business problems efficiently. With that requirement, it is very beneficial to engage in escape room games. Utilise the platform to the maximum for benefiting in the improvement of your solving skills.

Though many collaboration games are available conducted at companies, this virtual platform can bring together teams from many countries. By doing so, it is easy to know about employees from other branches with a virtual gaming platform. Look for more platforms to choose the best among them. As of now, there is a myriad of escape gaming websites to enhance productivity and problem-solving ability.

Love playing puzzles with your team and improve your communication and collaboration with them effectively.

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Undeniable Reasons of Hiring a Reliable Moving Company

Long distance or a local move, it is always a challenging task seeing the issues and factors that need to be considered. Moving to a new place, packing and unpacking is not the type of job that one is expert in. Carrying heavy loads is an intensive job and needs the help of professional movers and packers. Finding a reliable local mover in Toronto can be tricky but narrowing down the list will make it easier and you can find a mover that can fulfill your requirements.

Here are some of the undeniable advantages of a hiring a moving company that will not only make your move a smooth one but it will be a worry free experience as well. Some of the reasons to hire a moving company are as follow:

  1. Economical: If you are hiring one of the local movers Toronto, you will be surprised to know that it is always a cheaper option as they will come with all the required packing material, equipment and will shift your possessions in the most economical way. It will save you lot of money as you don’t have to take a couple of rounds to move your belongings to the new place. If you go for rental truck and equipment, you have to return all the things on time which is a different headache that one faces while moving in a DIY move.
  1. Credibility and Convenience: While choosing one of the local moving companies in Toronto, you don’t have to worry about messy and chaotic work or damage of items. Most of the reputed moving companies have proper license which makes them accountable to perform a move in that area. Since it is their daily task, they know all the routes and will perform the entire move in the best possible way. Client satisfaction is their main motto. Moreover, a local moving company is flexible as far as timings are concerned and will be happily ready to schedule the move even on a short notice.
  2. Well Protected and Safe Move: You can expect extra security from local movers in Toronto. They will go extra miles to make your move well protected. Since these movers are operating local, finding their history and achievements is very simple. With the help of the latest technology, you can track the truck and its’ movements. The use of latest equipment ensures that all belongings are safe and secured during the move.
  3. Peace of Mind: Hiring the services of a moving company will give you peace of mind as you are assured that they are going to complete the entire move in the safest way. Since they have long experience and are well trained also, they will make the move easy. They are going to pack everything as required and ensure it reaches the new destination safely.

Seeing all the above advantages of a moving company, you can say that hiring the services of hiring the local movers in Toronto is a good idea. If you are also looking for a reputed moving company, you can trust Let’s Get Moving in Toronto.

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How to Make a Webcast Interesting?

Do you want to keep your meeting with your business audience a little bit engaged? You will find this article useful because we are mentioning important details about webcasting and its uses. To make your meeting or event more engaging you need to make your webcast a bit easier to follow by adding some agendas, attachments, speaker details and many other items. You should also allow viewers to follow your presentation, and at the same time actively involve your target group without fail. You should also be ready to respond to the questions asked during the live meeting, make use of polls or surveys and chat with the audience to know details about the meeting. These things will surely enable you to extend the reach of your business a little further and also strengthen the impact of the message you conveyed during the meeting or event. It is always important to keep a meeting engaged and interesting when it is held online as people may not have the interest they have when they attend a meeting face-to-face. Therefore it is in the hands of the people who conduct the meeting to keep it interesting and engaged as it is the toughest task to do. Finally choosing the best webcast software is the most important thing to do and when people plan to choose one such webcast they can always rely upon choosing Virtual AGM Singapore, as it is the most reliable and trustworthy webcast.

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Help Me! I’ve an Important Job Interview Coming Up

If you’ve been looking for jobs on your own, you may be finding it difficult. If you’ve landed a job interview, count yourself lucky. Sourcing employment by yourself can be a real challenge, that is why most people tend to look for job agencies in Glasgow to provide some professional assistance. Job agencies don’t just match you with potential employers, many of them help you to create a desirable resume and some offer interview preparation workshops and advice. Here are some things to remember when you walk into the office for an interview.

  • Positive body language
  • Clear communication
  • Project confidence
  • Stay calm and relaxed
  • Answer questions precisely and don’t ramble on

These effective interview tips will help you land that dream job and impress the individual at the other end of the table.

Practice & Repeat > Make sure you practice the answers to any question you may be asked, use the STAR method where applicable.

Dress Well > Always dress to impress, your shoes should be clean, and your outfit pressed, first impressions are everything.

Research the Company > Make sure you know what the company does, their main objectives, goals and mission.

Be Punctual > Arriving late for an interview doesn’t look good, make sure you are on time and ready for the meeting.

Compose Yourself > Try to relax before you go into the interview, don’t rush into questions because you are eager to answer, take a deep breath and calm down.

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Recruiting Leaders: 6 Helpful Tips for Hiring C-Level Executives

The difference between a boss and a leader has long been a subject of contention, but for the most part, the difference is clear: a boss manages while a leader inspires. When a team has a boss, it isn’t given a chance to grow through collective innovation and creativity. But if it has a leader, both the team and the company can reach greatness beyond what was expected.

This may be the very reason why the recruitment process for C-level talent is very different from hiring entry-level employees. This is because the stakes are higher since the people you should be hiring are given bigger responsibilities that would decide the future of the business.

When hiring C-suite executives for your company, you must look for someone who can lead your team to growth rather than just boss them around to do his dirty work.  To make this happen, here are six helpful recruitment tips you can try before offering an employment contract to hard-bargaining C-suite executive applicants:

1.Look for Leadership Traits, Not Impressive Resumes

Resumes are the standard document require during the recruitment process. It summarizes what the applicant has to offer by covering things like education, skills, trainings, and past employment. However, there are several drawbacks to using these documents, as follows:

  • Resumes are deliberately written to impress, presenting the applicant in the best possible light. Although this isn’t inherently bad, it can distract and may even misconstrue the actual accomplishments he has.
  • Resumes aren’t written the same way, making it hard for human resources to compare ones from several candidates.
  • Resumes don’t convey the candidate’s personality and his compatibility with the team.
  • Resumes may not accurately represent a person’s traits.

Leadership traits are something that any piece of paper cannot possibly contain. This can only be assessed by speaking to the candidate and those who have worked with him in the past.

When hiring C-level talent, you must make sure that you pick someone with the personality that fits your company culture. He should also be knowledgeable and humble at the same time. You wouldn’t want a know-it-all pushing your people around.

Due diligence at work and the ability to inspire is also important. People will respect executives who can show their work instead of just bragging about it.

2.Seek Referrals and Consider Current Employees

When hiring high-ranking company officials and executives, referrals are probably the safest and easiest way to go. Don’t underestimate the power of connections, especially ones that have been nurtured by existing C-level executives and employees in your company.

Before you hire anyone who was referred to you, make sure to check them diligently. This means you have to actually talk to references provided as well as employers and officemates to see if the candidate has what it takes to be part of your team.

3.Use Expert Recruitment Services

The difference between entry-level and C-suite talent cannot be overstated. As mentioned earlier, there is a lot more at stake when hiring COOs, CEOs, and CFOs. To boost your chances of making the right choice, you should consider using expert recruitment services.

These professionals bring experience and knowledge that most start-up company owners require. They also have a vast network of skilled and highly talented people whom they can tap whenever the need arises.

4.Define the Job Description in Detail

Getting the right person for a job starts with defining what the job entails. This is a very effective strategy when hiring C-level talent.

You may use job description templates, but you have to make sure that you modify it according to your company’s specific needs.

From there, think about the kind of executive you want running your company. Is he generally good at leading people? Or does he have experience in the niche or industry you’re working in? Make it as specific as possible and include details about the coverage of his responsibilities.

5. Take Your Time

Unlike hiring for entry-level positions, recruiting a C-suite executive requires plenty of time. In fact, it is crucial that you take the time to build a relationship with candidates to determine who is the right fit for the job accurately. After all, the best leaders are hard to find.

When doing so, you have to take a personalized approach. Show him that you’re serious about the hiring process by making it a system that focuses on his strengths, weaknesses, and potential.

6.Check Relevance of Experience

Experience alone isn’t going to cut it when hiring for executive-level positions. You have to make sure that the person you choose has relevant experience to the industry or the job you’re trying to fill.

To make this happen, you can incorporate industry-specific questions during the interview. This will allow you a glimpse of what he knows about the different quirks of the industry – from terminologies to problems and trends.

Choose a Good Leader

Choosing a good leader for your team can be challenging because you’re not only selecting someone skilled at the job, you also need him to bring out the best in others. Make sure your company becomes one step closer to success, recruit a leader rather than a boss. Only when you make the right choice will you be able to see the difference.

AUTHOR BIO:- David Mackenzie, a recruitment professional with over 20 years’ experience in the field and a record of entrepreneurial accomplishment, is Managing Director and Head of HR at Mackenzie Jones. As the Group MD, David is responsible for the overall direction of the Mackenzie Jones Group, including Mackenzie Jones, MumsAtWork, MENA Solutions, Simply Digital and ThinkTech.

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Website Design Service

With huge need for developing new websites, website design services have become popular nowadays. The issue may arise why an individual want to develop or possess a website. Certainly, you not need to invest their hard-earned money with no purpose. Behind every activity, there’s an objective. So, if an individual promises to possess a website that belongs to them, they have to possess a definite aim. The customer can be a businessman and, therefore, wish to spread their business worldwide. An academic institution may require an internet site to ensure that all sorts of admission related tasks can be achieved online. Important notices can also be printed online. Besides, an internet site is definitely an identity. So, another question may arise – how’s the need for getting website related to the website design service?
If an individual really wants to possess a website, it doesn’t imply that they know of the benefits and drawbacks about developing one. It takes technical understanding along with a lot of other skills to create a website. An over-all person might not have that sort of expert knowledge to construct website by themselves. Hence is the requirement for design services. To be precise, professional website design services are so what can provide who owns a website with full satisfaction on their own part.
Since it’s name suggests, the primary purpose of any website design services are to create a website because of its client and make certain it appears as though the way the client wants it to appear. However, the help can provide clients with illustration of plenty of designs. One factor that you will find ensured would be that the appearance of the web site must be attractive and highly relevant to the company the customer is associated with.
Just creating a web site is not what’s going to get it done for any client. Professional design services also bookmark the websites they develop in various social networks, publish them to various directories, making the web site internet search engine friendly. Each one of these assist the site to become visible worldwide and rank greater searching results. The most crucial factor about any professional service is they provide their customers with complete packages. From the packages, the clients may then pick one. It time saving, money and energy.
Just like you should have an online prescence that appears pretty and it is highly relevant to the company or necessity, it’s also important to locate a professional website design service. There are numerous institutions who provide their customers using the services. Therefore, you have to be careful while contacting one. The customer should research or search for feedback about different website design providers. It can help the customer decide rapidly.
To summarize, website design services are crucial nowadays. However, not every the website design providers are highly efficient in website design. So, it’s the client’s duty to get the best service for his or her needs.

Media One is a class apart when it comes to website design services Singapore. They have set their standards high with state of the art tools and equipments for website designing needs. They ensure that your website receives increased traffic.

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Creative Web Design

Creative web design is subjective and determined by the person assessing the web site. What may seem creative to 1 person may appear like undefined chaos to a different. For this reason it really is vital that you understand the requirements of the consumer when you’re designing an internet site. Understanding the truth that creativeness is subjective could save you time and effort and headaches within the finish.
Most clients, when requested, will state that they really want an innovative web design for his or her business. However, whenever you speak further together with your client, you might realized that the concept of ‘creative’ as well as your client’s concept of ‘creative’ are worlds apart. That’s the reason it’s important to understand and address your client’s needs and concerns, in addition to their personality, even before you start to design the web site.
Creative web design is gaining an awareness of the client as well as their business. As a graphic designer, you’ll unquestionably stumbled upon a wide spectrum of clients and personalities. Your ultimate goal like a creative web design service would be to serve the requirements of the consumer, which means that you may have to reign in your concept of ‘creativity’ in support of your client’s vision. Although the finish result might not comply with your concept of creative web design, as lengthy as the client is well pleased, then you’ve accomplished the best goal.
By understanding, acknowledging, and addressing the worries of the consumer, you need to understand that the finish design will reflect their concept of creative web design, not your personal. And will also be the most crucial issue when concerning creative web design. It’s also wise to understand that some clients allows you a lot more latitude inside your design than the others, which would be the jobs where more of your personality will stand out.
Keep in mind that the client drives your company and address his/her concerns first. In this manner, you’ll have not a problem supplying the consumer by having an end result they say is an innovative and pleasing for his or her business. And you’ll gain referrals and improve your status like a designer, while building your portfolio and business along the way.

The creative web design team of Media One agency would aim to elevate the user interface and user experience of the website. It would entail the right blend of visuals, content, text, and layout. They would help you in seamless running of website.

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