August 2021


The Main Types of SEO: A Guide for Businesses

Despite the enormous advantages it can offer, 70% of small businesses lack an SEO strategy. Why is that? After all, search engine optimization is an absolute necessity in today’s world, and quality SEO for businesses can be the difference between thriving and withering.

The reason? Not enough businesses really understand what SEO is and what the types of SEO are. It’s fair enough: running a business eats up so much time that not many leaders can find the space in their day to read up on SEO.

Well, let’s see if we can offer a quick crash course for time-strapped business leaders! Here’s a quick overview of the main types of SEO.

On-Page SEO

The clue is in the name with this one: on-page SEO refers to search engine optimization that happens (wait for it) on the webpage! This is about cleverly using techniques to ‘teach’ search engine crawlers what your website is about so that they surface it when users search for related topics.

For example, let’s say you’re a gardener in Washington. You have a website where people can see the services you offer and hire you to come tend to their gardens. Naturally, you want people Googling ‘gardeners in Washington’ to see your website near the top of the search results list.

To achieve this, you include lots of relevant keywords throughout your website, produce high-quality content pertaining to gardening, and include lots of links to other brilliant resources. This way, Google learns you’re not only a site about gardening in Washington, but you’re a high-quality site about gardening in Washington.

Check out this page for more on industry-specific SEO.

Off-Page SEO

And here’s the other side of the coin. This is the SEO that doesn’t happen on your website.

Think of the gardener example again. Another great way to educate search engines about your site is to produce great content for external websites that refer and link back to your own site.

This creates a virtuous circle where both your site and the site you are writing for benefit from your content. Not bad, right?

Black Hat SEO

And here’s what not to do. Black Hat SEO refers to kinds of SEO that explicitly violate Google guidelines (and the guidelines of other search engines). They’re cheap, but they rely on all sorts of underhand tactics like keyword stuffing to bump up websites in search results.

The worst thing? They usually don’t work. Search engines are vigilant about this kind of thing and constantly develop ways to fight it. So don’t waste your time and money!

The Many Types of SEO

So there you have it, a few of the main types of SEO. Whether you’re a small business or a megacorp, SEO has something to offer you. So don’t let this be the end of your SEO journey!

After all, who doesn’t want to be top of the Google results?

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Best Small Business Ideas for Rural Areas and Villages in India

In recent years, we have witnessed an increase in the number of entrepreneurs in India. These entrepreneurs are driven by the idea of becoming technically and financially self-reliant. These ventures are not restricted to the urban areas; there are a host of opportunities to explore in rural areas as well.

The fact that you belong to a rural area or a village ideally should not affect how far you can rise. Starting a small business these days is not as difficult as it used to be. If you are confident about your business idea, the sky is the limit.

If you are concerned about finances for your business, you can apply for a business loan online at your convenience.

So put on your thinking cap, and read through the top small business ideas for rural areas:

1.     Fertilizers and Seeds Store

Farmers in villages rely on agriculture for a living. They must irrigate their crops and sell them for reasonable prices to earn a decent income. Opening a store for fertilizers and seeds may be of interest to the villagers. This business doesn’t require a huge investment, as just buying fertilizers and seeds is enough to get anyone started.

  1. Bakery

As the demand for baked goods grows in rural areas, a bakery is a very profitable business idea. It is possible to start this business by owning or renting a space. To succeed in the bakery business, you need the right product and a viable marketing strategy. You will need to select specific products depending on the demand and financial aspect of your bakery business.

  1. Diagnostic Center

Like in urban areas, in rural areas and villages, people are not immune to falling ill or catching diseases. While the government provides primary healthcare facilities with the help of dispensaries, there is always a need for a specialized diagnostic center. The center can provide treatment at a local level at a lower price. The initial investment includes the rent for the center, medicine costs, and wages for the staff.

  1. Fashion Jewelry

The jewelry industry now generates millions of dollars. It caters to women of all ages. This device’s popularity has a lot to do with its low price and attractive design. If you’re interested in selling costume jewelry online, you can start from home.

It is possible to sell online from your store. Since technology has advanced, it has become more accessible.

5.     Doorstep delivery of clean drinking water

Despite our progress as a country, the drinking water crisis remains unsolved. The lack of infrastructure or water treatment plants leaves villages without this. A large can of water pumped from a tube well or pump can be stored and then transported in vehicles to the rural areas at their doorstep. An innovative business idea would be to charge per jar for this convenience.

Though this could be a costly affair, one can easily avail of a business loan. Before applying for a loan, one should check the business loan eligibility criteria stated by the lender.

6.     Electronics and Accessories Store

As most of India’s population lives in villages, technology must reach every corner for development to happen. With the ease of access to the internet, the rural population is becoming more aware of the technology available at their fingertips. They are therefore looking forward to investing in new appliances and gadgets. It might be daunting even to contemplate opening an electronics store in a small town, but you can definitely consider it.

The list of ideas can run on and on. It is up to you to select the business that suits your requirements. You can opt for loans to meet your funding as lenders offer affordable business loan interest rates. Moreover, you can calculate the approximate EMI for your loan using the EMI calculator on your lender’s website.

As Winston Churchill said, “Success is not final; failure is not fatal: what counts is the courage to go on.”

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Is it Advisable to Invest in Fixed Deposit for a Span of 1 year

Many people tend to invest in FDs for a long period of time. If you are planning to hold your FD for a long tenor, it may not be the best idea. This is mainly because the interest rates could go higher in the next few years. So, if you have your capital locked in an FD for a long period of time, there is a high chance that you might miss out on the increasing FD interest rates. If you invest in a 5-year FD, then, you may miss out on the increased interest rates for that particular period of 5 years. Many people might consider breaking their FD and reinvesting in order to increase their returns with higher interest rates. However, in this case, banks typically tend to cut 1% for breaking the Bajaj Finance FD.

Why Can Interest Rates Grow Higher?

The interest rates offered by banks depend on how the RBI holds the rate. In some cases, if the RBI cuts the interest rates, the lending rates offered by banks tend to decrease. The RBI has been on a mission to tame inflation in the country. If the inflation is increasing, the central bank typically tends to increase the rate of interest at which it lends money to banks.

Bajaj Finance FD Rates

The interest rates provided for senior citizens are higher than that of the rate provided for non-senior citizens. Here is a list of the Bajaj Finance FD rates 2021 for both senior citizens and non-senior citizens.

Tenor (In Months) Senior Citizens Non-Senior Citizens
12-23 5.75% – 5.90% 5.51% – 5.65%
24-35 6.17% – 6.35% 5.94% – 6.10%
36-60 6.55% – 6.75% 6.31% – 6.50%

Final Thoughts

It is recommended to keep your Bajaj Finance FD investments to a comparably shorter tenor as it allows you to reinvest and experience the benefits of higher interest rates. You can also use the Bajaj FD calculator to calculate your returns based on the capital invested.

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